Feel like a run? Kids IKEA train set – Toy Train Track 26


So it’s 6am on a Sunday morning … what do you do? Go for a run round and round the living room of course! It was exhausting just watching them — at least I had the excuse that I was building the train track (not sure I could have kept up!). This week’s railway took a long time to make — we even took a break halfway through 🙂 It was great seeing Arya really playing with it a the end and Keira found our stacked furniture was good at keeping the tracks in place. Our kids ikea train set is certainly getting a lot of use!

Project Train Tracks is a year long project. We will be creating bigger and crazier train tracks over the next 52 weeks. This is a family project with my two daughters (and anyone else who wants to help). The idea is that every week we add two more sets and see what new creation we can come up with. Wish us luck and if you have any ideas please post a comment or get in touch!

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Check out our playlists:

Our Favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEzAACbIu2U&list=PLB3m1eqcxnBVCad_vjdHPFCJusmrV_6Vt
These are the train sets we loved to build, they were fun to play with and generally looked awesome (at least we think so). Some were on big days like Christmas or New Years — others are just on a normal Sunday. These IKEA train sets might just be simply toys but they have let our creativity go a little crazy — in a good way!

The Project So Far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvueSozyV7k&list=PLB3m1eqcxnBW95N-YeZerBWIgQdUrqcOr
From week one right up to now — its all here. See how far we have come with our IKEA wooden train sets. Each railway has gotten bigger and crazier than the last, Keira and Arya are growing up while we do the project! The goal was to have a lot of fun as a family with simply toys for kids and adults (just a lot of them!).

Green Brio Engine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDvDvnAYFOI&list=PLB3m1eqcxnBWNMsd12sX8yoopVK3Qn4Bv
This playlist is all about our BRIO engine making its way round the tracks we build. Weather it’s a complex layout, a mountain it has to power up or toys to navigate it always gets there in the end. Great fun to see how the wooden railway works with a speeding engine on it!