Egg Masala Maggi and Chicken Maggi Street Food Recipe | Food Vlog with Mohsin


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In this VLoG

Our Show Host Mohsin will cover street style recipe of Egg Masala maggi and Chicken Maggi from Matoshre Fast Food in Malad Mumbai.
The recipe is very simple and easy to make and with Minimum ingridents anyone can try it at home.
The Vlog also Celebrates Street Food Culture of Mumbai.

Matoshre Fast Food
Interface Malad
contact Anna : 08850809675

About the Series
My name is Mohsin Khan and I am on the Steeets of MUMBAI to cover the best food Mumbai city has to Offer.
I sample Street food and Restaurant Food , and also get the Vendors share their Recipe so that U can try their Food in your KITCHEN.
The Vlog not only celebrates FOOD ,but Street Food Culture , and How these Vendors manage their , food sales in low price and still make Profits.

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Street Style Maggi

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