Easy Glow In The Dark Firefly Decoration | DIY Lightning Bug Effect Halloween Prop


We make easy glow in the dark firefly decoration faux fireflies lights. These DIY lighting bug effect Halloween prop glow in the dark fireflies are a super easy DIY lighting effect for any outdoor holiday yard display or indoor decoration. These homemade firefly props are perfect for a Halloween home haunt that is an old haunted swamp, bog, or bayou theme. Inspired by Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction the glow in the dark props are also perfect for a theater or photo op or backdrop at parties or scenes in a short film or YouTube video.
These lightning bug prop decorations are so easy to make and are such a low cost to produce that one could litter their entire scene with all kinds of these DIY glow in the dark creepy crawlies. We share all the easy steps and material to make these fun Halloween decorations from the construction paper, glow in the dark paint, tape, string, fans, even black lights. What is so cool about the glow in the dark paint is that it charges up all day so it will work even after you turn off the black light bulbs. We compared the cheaper glow in the dark paint with a more expensive wildfire black light glow paint. It was really hard to tell the difference. We also compare using clear scotch tape to electrical tape to see if there was any reflection in the displays. We also see if there is a difference between string vs fishing line or wire. These glow in the dark decorations were so much fun to create we are sure you will enjoy the project as well.

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Black lights – https://amzn.to/387e597

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Easy Glow In The Dark Firefly Decoration | DIY Lightning Bug effect For Displays