Easy Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup Tutorial


You won’t believe how easy it is to recreate this amazing Day of the Dead sugar skull makeup! Watch Ashlea Henson’s super simple step-by-step tutorial to get this stunning Halloween look!


• White Face Paint – http://bit.ly/1OstQH6
• Orange Face Paint – http://bit.ly/1KcIOhn
• Fuchsia Pink Face Paint – http://bit.ly/1KcITSm
• Black Face Paint – http://bit.ly/1Le0Ulc
• Makeup Brush Set – http://bit.ly/1ObTUah
• Makeup Sponge – http://bit.ly/1NAtdvZ


1. First, take some white face paint and use a sponge to apply this in a very thin, even layer all over your face.
2. The headpiece I’m wearing has got lots of oranges, yellows and pinks, so to make everything coordinate, take an orange face paint and blend it lightly into your forehead and underneath your cheekbones.
3. Using a pink colour, apply this straight on top of the orange, and this time also add a small amount onto your chin.
4. Using a black face paint, very carefully outline the edges of the eye sockets. Then, fill in this area with some orange and pink, and blend the two colours together.
5. Before the paint has a chance to dry, take a fluffy brush and just smudge out the black so it doesn’t look so harsh. Don’t worry if it has dried, you can always just reapply it and then smudge it out from there.
6. To add a bit more depth to the eyes, paint in some black right along the lashes, and again blend it out to diffuse the line.
7. Switch back over to the pink, and this time use a much bigger brush to add in dots all the way around the eye socket.
8. Take a bright yellow face paint and use this to add a smaller dot in between each of the pink ones.
9. Use black to paint in the cobweb your forehead. Start with the lines quite light and thin. Don’t worry if they’re wobbly, because once you have the basic shape down, you can then go back over the top to thicken them up and really make it nice and neat.
10. Finish the cobweb off by looping each of the different sections together.
11. From the outside corners of the mouth, paint a line that goes right up and underneath the cheekbones. Smudge the bottom edge out while the paint’s still wet, then link the two lines together by painting in along the bottom lip.
12. To separate the teeth, simply paint in a small, thin line straight up on the top lip and straight down on the bottom lip.
13. Fill in the very tip of your nose with black, and add two small points along the top.
14. Paint in a little design on your chin, just to tie in with the rest of your face.
15. If you have any more empty spaces around your sugar skull, just add in some teardrops and curls to fill those up.
16. Finish everything off with a few little dots here and there, and add your headpiece.


Day of the Dead Señorita Costume – http://bit.ly/1KnmWkV