DOLLAR TREE DIY TOY ORGANIZER! LOL SURPRISE DOLLS! FEBRUARY 7 2019. Welcome to my Dollar Tree DIY Series! New Dollar Tree DIYs every Thursday and Friday 8:30AM PST 🙂 WATCH MORE: ❌JOIN THE FRUGAL FAM TODAY, CLICK BELOW ??

* I prefer hot glue for all my crafts, BUT it will not last for most plastic and metal projects. If you’re not crafting for fun like me, extend the life of your DIYS by using industrial strength glue.
*KITTY TOY ORGANIZER DIY: The easiest way to attach the shelf is to lightly draw the line on the glitter sheet. I’m not sure why I worked harder by drawing it on the backside.

* I cut the shelf part first and the boarder was deeper, so that’s I trimmed the boarder in this video. Just leave the boarder as is, I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.
* I used a sleepy cat image as reference when drawing the face. And I used a white chalk marker to add dimension (off camera).

* BUYING IN BULK: Go to Hobby lobby Joann Fabrics, or check Amazon, Etsy, and buy in bulk for gems, trim, beads and pearls! Buying at Dollar Tree isn’t always the cheapest option. I bought 1 pound of gems and pearls for $8 when they were 50% off and I paid $7 for of gems at joann when they were 70% off. Check out this video, I talk more about dollar deals at hobby lobby here:

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MATERIALS (From Dollar Tree, see exceptions):
Something sharp to cut an poke with
Hot glue or other (large one from amazon, small one from hobby lobby)
Something to write with
Gems (dollar tree, walmart- over 1,000 for under $3 and bulk, see note above)
Glitter poster paper
Decorative boarder
Fur yarn
Heart gem (for nose)
Wax paper or mat
Craft Inspirations comes from Random Ideas that literally pop into my head, Home Décor Stores, My Daughters’ Likes, My Home, Supplies I see at Dollar Tree and Pinterest

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