DIY valentines day wall decor|valentine day 2021|DIY Valentine's day photo frame decor


Welcome to Diva’s Studio!! I make a lot of DIY valentine day 2021 home decor as well as cutesy seasonal DIY valentine day 2021 decor that goes well with any type of decorating style. I have always had a love for creating beautiful things for my home using inexpensive and easy to find items! I am blown away by my sweet subscribers and how they love to create along with me. Let me know what you are working on or projects you wanna tackle in 2021 in the comments below!!! ❤

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00:00 Intro.
00:05 Valentines WallDecor-1
00:25 Draw 4” circle on 4″X4″ square card stock.
00:32 Trim the circle along the line.
00:40 Starting at the outside edge, cut a spiral towards the center.
00:49 Beginning from the outside, tightly coil the paper, rolling towards the center.
01:07 Add a bit of hot glue to the end of the coil to secure.
01:28 Place the 8”x10” card stock in photo frame.
01:36 Secure the photo frame.
01:39 Use glue gun and stick wooden Letters on the frame.
01:50 Set the 4″ wooden hearts on card stock.
01:55 Glue the paper rose on the heart.
02:00 Arrange the assorted wooden hearts on card stock.
02:07 Use glue gun and stick assorted wooden hearts.
02:27 Valentines WallDecor-2
02:32 Open the frame
02:36 place 8”x10” card stock and secure the photo frame
02:46 Arrange pre cut paper letters on the card stock
03:20 Use glue gun and stick LED Wooden home sign
03:47 Thanks for watching
Wood Grain Picture Frame:
Brown Picture Frames:×10-in/252564
Red Buffalo Check Card Stock:
Assorted wood shapes:
Glue Gun:
Hot Glue Sticks: