DIY Valentine's Day Pom Pom Wreath And Table Decorations | Blind Pinterest Challenge (3)


In today’s Valentine’s day special of the Blind Pinterest Challenge we’re taking on a DIY Valentine’s day pom pom wreath and some DIY Valentine’s day table decorations using paper to construct some floral centerpieces. I have to say that I absolutely love the DIY Valentine’s day pom pom wreath, it was a lot of work, and took a lot of time, but I think the pom pom wreath looks really awesome! The DIY Valentine’s day table decorations on the other hand…not so much, they took so long to make and I don’t think these DIY Valentine’s day table decorations were worth it at all! But what were your thoughts on these Valentine’s day crafts that we made in today’s episode of the Blind Pinterest Challenge? Did you like the DIY Valentine’s day pom pom wreath or for some reason did you enjoy the DIY Valentine’s day table decorations? Let me know in the comments below!

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About The Blind Pinterest Challenge: The Blind Pinterest Challenge is an ongoing series where I take various craft projects and DIY ideas, then attempt to recreate those lovely pins without any instructions on how they are made or what materials they have used. The whole expectation vs reality is in full effect, and we find out whether these Pinterest ideas are just a pipe dream or if they are in fact achievable.

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