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Wood Thaumatropes (Adults Only! Scroll down for kid-friendly version!)

Craft wood circles/disks*
Image printed on copy paper
Acrylic paints
String or twine

Fine grain sandpaper
Woodburner tool*
Drill with 1/” bit

1. Lightly sand your craft wood circle/disk on both sides and around the edges with a fine grain sandpaper. The wood disk used in the video measures 2 ½” in diameter – although any similar sized disk would work.
2.Select a two-part image to appear on the two sides of your wood disk. You may find it necessary to scan your image and scale it to an appropriate size for your disk. Print your image onto copy paper.
3.Lay your image over your disk and center it. Run your finger around the edge of the disk to crease the paper. Take a pair of scissors and cut along the crease line. It is easier to position and transfer your image when the image paper is the same size and shape as the disk.
4.To transfer the image, color in the backside of the paper with a pencil. Flip the paper over, face-side up and center it over your wood disk. Trace around your image with your pencil and this will lightly transfer the image to your wood disk. Keep in mind you want part of your image on one side and part on the either. When you’ve transferred the first part of your image to the first side of the wood disk, remove the paper and flip the wood disk over VERTICALLY. Then lay down your paper over the disk again and trace around the second part of your image.
5.Turn your woodburner tool on and allow it to pre-heat for 4-5 minutes. Then slowly trace along the image outline on your wood disk. The slower you drag the tip of the woodburner tool across the surface of the wood, the darker a line you will create. The tip of the woodburning tool is VERY HOT and will burn you if you touch it. Use caution and common sense when handling this tool, following any instructions and warning on the packaging of your specific woodburning tool.
6.To add color to your wood thaumatrope, consider painting in your imagery with acrylic paint. This is an optional step.
7.If you opt to paint your wood thaumatrope, allow the paint to dry and then drill two holes through the disk- one on either side of your image.
8.Cut two equal length pieces of string or twine. Take one piece of string and thread it through one of the drilled holes and tie the ends together. Repeat this action with the second pieces of string and the opposite drilled hole.
9.To play with your thaumatrope hold it with both hands – one piece of string between each thumb and forefinger. Quickly twist the stings back and forth between your thumbs and forefingers causing the disk to spin around. This action will cause your eyes to combine the images on either side of the disk and see them as one!

Paper Thaumatropes (Kid-Friendly!)
Heavier-weight cardstock paper
Regular copy-weight paper (like construction paper)
String or twine

Glue stick