DIY Halloween Prop Ideas – FORBIDDEN WOODS CEMETERY! Haunted House Walkthrough Tour


We visit Forbidden Woods Cemetery home haunt to see their haunted house walkthrough full of scary DIY Halloween props and tons of Halloween decorations a decor ideas. We love visiting maze walkthroughs, dark rides, and haunted houses. It’s even better when you get to tour with the creator of the haunt. Aldo the mad man behind this Forbidden Woods Haunt has such an amazing collection of Halloween props and decor its almost to much to see in one visit. He has also designed and created layer upon layer of spooky jute netting, different materials, fabrics, and camo netting making you feel so immersed. This haunted house not only holds a massive amount of scary props it also has a great amount of lighting. We love how he has inserted several awesome Halloween decorations he purchased on sale at Spirit Halloween Store. The one aspect we just absolutely loved about this haunt was the organic feel from room to room and the detailed set dressing in each area of the haunted house walkthrough. It really is a must see and should be added to your go to list for inspirations and decoration ideas for making a haunted house or Halloween display.

Aldo’s youtube channel

Night time footage of the haunt
Forbidden Woods Cemetery home haunted house 2019

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