DIY Halloween Prop | Animated Halloween Decoration | Pneumatic Thrasher Hangman & Gallows


We make an animated halloween prop hangman prop for Halloween display or haunted house. Setting up the spooky lifesize gallows prop and the erratic pneumatic hangman prop this year for Halloween in our scary old abandoned western mining ghost town themed yard haunt at our home. Animatronic halloween props can be motorized or air powered and are a good way to scare and bring that halloween fun to your home haunt, haunted house, or yard display. We only use parts of the Gallows 4″ x 4″ construction and attach it to the inside edge of the No Moore General Store Facade. We also go over the how to and inside look at the fabrication of the hanging Thrasher which is PVC framing and rubber and foam limbs. All joints are made to move similar to real joints with hardware and support brackets. It is dressed with ripped up and shredded old thrift store clothes and painted with a wild fire glowing black light fluorescent paint. This air powered prop hangs still until activated with a modified motion sensor then violently kicks & twitches gasping until his last breath trying to get free with is arms. It may be disturbing to some but his realistic swinging effect and movement is sure to get the people walking by attention. Ether build this DIY project with a wiper motor or use air cylinder, aluminum or PVC framing you will impress and scare all of your friends and family with this fun animated Halloween prop. We even share some old footage of this scary hanged guy from last years haunt to give you a quick fun look at its movement. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out the Gallows behind the scenes for dimensions if your interested in making one of these props.

Make A Scary Halloween Gallows For Thrashing Hangman Props

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DIY Halloween Prop | Animated Halloween Decoration | Pneumatic Thrasher Hangman & Gallows