DIY Halloween Fence For Your Yard Display – Halloween Decoration Idea


See how we made an easy DIY Halloween rickety picket fence decoration for a our haunted house walkthrough cemetery. See how we made a Halloween cemetery wood fence instead of the typical PVC fencing we have done in the past. If you’re looking to make a creepy fence, witchy fence, picket fence, pathway fence, cobweb fence, or just a keep out fence this idea could work for you. Here is part sixteen of building our Spooky Halloween Haunted House facade which is featured on ABC The Great Halloween Fright. This year’s theme is an old creepy rundown haunted house full of ghosts and spooks. We hope you join us on this years adventure. In this video we start assembling all our haunted creepy trees that will surround the haunted house & scary rustic picket fence. We also make a busted up creepy old run down picket fence for the front property line and start to do scary dead landscaping. We plan on having the entire house move and shake with spooks, skeletons, ghosts, and specters. You will find all kind of stuff moving all over. Halloween is coming fast and we are running out of room. If you have missed any episodes of this years build you can catch up with links below.

Making A Haunted House Playlist

For Part one of Building a Haunted House: Getting Started

For Part two of Building a Haunted House: Crackle Painting

For Part Three of Building A Haunted House: Going Batty

For Part Four of Building A Haunted House: Wood Hoarding

For Part five Building A Haunted House: Making Stairs For Deck & Haunt Build Update

For Part six of Building A Haunted House: Boarded Up Windows, Installing Trim, & Haunt Build Update

Building A Haunted House: Installing Crackled Siding, Aging Wood Roof Shingles, & Boarded Up Windows

Building A Haunted House: A Roof Over Our Porch, Aging Basement Lattice, & Crackling Corbels

Building A Haunted House For Halloween: Framing For The Curved Bell Shaped Roof

Building A Haunted House For Halloween: Pop Out Window & Decorative Roof Crestings

Making A Haunted House For Halloween: Moving Walls & Decks To The Front

Making A Haunted House For Halloween: Assembling The Porch, Posts, & Run Down Railing

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