DIY Glow Nails – Glow in the Dark Nails


DIY Glow Nails – Glow in the Dark Nails. For this design I wanted something simple but with a bang. And boy do these bang lol. The daytime look is a classy ombre. The nighttime look glows bright!

Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits
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Glow Acrylic – Carpe Diem
Glow Acrylic- Wicked Lava
Medium Blush Acrylic
Bare White Acrylic:
Prima Ballerina Acrylic:
Russian Drill Bit set:
Poochiez Nails #12 Acrylic Brush:
Alpha Brush #10 Acrylic Brush:
Clear Acrylic:
Poochiez Bling Gel:
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