so by now, if you watch my videos, (if you dont hello, welcome, so glad to have you omg thanks for joining) i love a spoopy, primitive, farmhouse, style decor, INCLUDING HALLOWEEN! yano, im just not that into scary halloween, i just love cute little things.

i am hoping to have a few more farmhousey/primitive style pieces to show you before the season is over so make sure to stay tuned for those!

anyway, yeah, so today i wanted to share how i made this little ghost inspired by a little ghost on a sign off of Pinterest… its typical i now can’t find the sign i was inspired by but if i come accross it again, ill leave the link here!

To make the little ghost I used:
MY JIGSAW (its literal £20!) :
off cut of a scaffolding board i used to make my windowsil
chalk paint:* affiliate link
acrylic paint in black
chalk pastels (any brand will work fine so long as theyre the powdery ones you know!)
kraft label

that was literally it… everything i already owned so to make this little guy was completely free for me!

thanks so much for watching! if you have any requests by the way let me know down in the comments as i just love reading through them!