DIY Enchanted Rose Tutorial from Disney's Beauty & the Beast Live Action Movie


Learn how to make your own DIY enchanted rose like the one in the live action Beauty & the Beast movie!

This video explains how to make the light-up paper rose. Details on making the faux marble base and decorated cloche are at

MATERIALS LIST (contains my affiliate links):

-Rose and cloche cut patterns/files (they are all located in my resource library —

-Glass cloche bell jar

-Wood plate for the base (I used this 14″ wide round plate)

-White and black acrylic paint (to make the base look like marble)

-Clear gloss sealer to seal the base

-Frosted vinyl

-Red and green yardstick (I used DCWV Cardstock)

-Red paint Sharpie

-Quilling tool

-Floral stem, 18″ long

-Floral tape

-Moon Lights, 12 warm white lights on a 4′ 5″ long wire strand.


-Paper towel



-A way to slot the base to hide your cord, such as a handsaw or tablesaw

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Cut out your rose and leaf shapes and color the edges with the red paint marker. Distress the rose petals with a rounded edge. Glue the floral lights to your rose petals. Allow the lights to peek up a bit from the base of the petals. Once the glue has dried and the lights are secured, place the loose end of your rose into your quilling tool and roll it up.

When you’ve rolled up the rose, fold up the bottom circle and take out the quilling tool. Gently separate petals if necessary.

Once you have your rose looking good, put glue on the bottom edges of the petals and press them against the round circle. Press and hold. While the glue sets, use your quilling tool to roll the petal edges. When done, set aside.

Places the cut leaves on your paper towel and score leaf-like lines using your tip of your quilling tool. Put one long line in from top to bottom, then add lines radiating outward and upward from the center line to the leaf edge.

Cut off a 4-5″ piece of floral wire and glue it to the BACK of each set of leaves.

Get an 18″ piece of stem wire. Bend up the bottom 6-7″. Next cut a 3-4″ piece of floral tape and begin wrapping it around one the stem, just above the bend. If you pull gently on the tape as you wrap, it is more likely to stick. Wrap several inches from the bottom (above the bend) upward.

Place the larger set of leaves against your stem and continue wrapping up and over it with your floral tape. Once you’re about 2/3 of the way up the stem, add the smaller set of leaves and finish wrapping all but the last 1/4″.

Poke the unwrapped end of your stem wire into the bottom center of your sepal and fold over 1/4″ into a 90° angle.

Find the remaining steps to the tutorial here:

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