DIY Dresser Organizer | My Dresser is a mess!


FYI: First time making this!!!!

DIY Dresser Organizer made with dollar tree items and Menards items when dollar tree is out of the crates. My dresser is a mess!
I don’t have room for anything, and I am tired of it and figured if I make a organizer it will help make the look better. I had a hard time finding Crates (milk like) in dollar tree. I went to Menards and found them for $1.39.
Watch this video and see for your self. It was simple and can be decorated to your liking or just use it to organize for cheap.
Thanks to Charlie and Monet they were able to help too.

Looking for the Bling Coasters on top?

coasters on top to help bling it :
DIY large makeup organizer out of milk crates

Menards Haul for crates:
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Then I added my dresser items to the organizer.

Say hello in the comments and show me your organizer too!