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DIY crafts for Christmas/Snow globe Christmas ideas/Three Snails.com


Three Snail.com handmade project shares easy & cool snow globe Christmas ideas with you!
Snow globes are DIY crafts for Christmas that bring a lot of joy into your family pastime!
Children like making snow globes as well as adults. Try to make snowman snow globe together with our DIY Snow Globe expert))
To make a snowman globe you need: mason jar, distilled water, glycerin, glitter and fake snow, epoxy glue. Also choose the cutest decorations for your holiday snow globes. We have chosen a small Santa for the do it yourself snow globe.
Such Christmas handmade gift can serve as festive home decoration. All you have to do is to put it in the right place. Homemade globe looks perfectly at the fireplace, at the book shelf or at table too. If you want to enjoy snow globe glitter put some lights around it.
Making homemade snow globes do not forget that they can become a nice addition to the Christmas gift. DIY crafts for Christmas are always warmly greeted. They embody a kind of magic and creativity.
Winter holidays are full of wonder and great homemade ideas. When it’s cold outside try to make Christmas DIY together with the children. You will definitely surprise your family and relatives with DIY crafts for Christmas party!