DIY Clothes! 5 DIY T Shirt Projects – Cool!

DIY clothes tutorial with 5 easy DIY T shirts! In this DIY clothes tutorial I show 5 DIY Projects on how to transform plain t shirt into beautiful DIY shirt or DIY top. Many liked my DIY Shorts projects tutorial so I decided to film another fashion DIY. Easily recycle, revamp or renovate your old shirts with any of these DIY techniques. I show 5 tshirt cutting ideas with 5 different T Shirt designs. These easy DIY clothes styles are perfect for summer or for school, for teenagers or adults, basically for every DIY fashion enthusiast.

First I show how to make a spiral dyed fringe shirt. For this DIY project you need fabric spray paint to make a cool spiral design on the front and back of the shirt. On the bottom of the shirt I decided to make a fringe detail, but not in the usual way. In this DIY clothes tutorial you’ll learn how to make a cool cross fringe using beads. I am in love with this DIY shirt, I think it looks so fresh and summery.
All you animal lovers will love a DIY muscle T shirt with a cute cat theme. To make this design I used a pink and green fabric paint. Print out any shape you want on your shirt, make a stencil, place it on the shirt and color inside. I created the “how cute” caption and a little kitten on the front and kitty paws on the back. To finish off this adorable shirt I cut the sleeves making larger holes and I also cut the bottom edge. This t shirt is just too cute. DIY for all animal friends.
For all you edgy rock girls I show you how to make a cool American flag shirt. I cut the shirt all along the sides and I made two knots on the bottom of each side. I also decided to sew some chains on the sides for a beautiful detail but also to hold the front and the back together. For the flag I used a white and red fabric paint plus some star studs. I like wearing this DIY American flag shirt with black bandeau under. I think this T shirt project is perfect for a rock concert or any day you want to wake up the rock chick within you;). This kind of style was always in fashion, everyone loves American theme paired with chains.
Next t shirt idea I made is a DIY halter top! Halter tops are so easy to make and they are a great staple piece all year around. In the summer on their own, and in the winter you can wear them under cardigans or hoodies. Since my top was plain white I decided to glam it up with colorful fabric markers. I made a gorgeous mosaic heart design making dots of different sizes within a heart stencil. I am absolutely hooked by this technique, I think I’ll use it for more diy clothes projects in the future.
Lastly, I made a unique knotted smiley DIY shirt. The knotting technique gives a beautiful ruffled texture to your shirt and it also makes it more fitted. You can write letters, numbers or any other signs you like. I went for the smiley face which also goes great with the bright yellow color of the shirt.
I adore recycling my clothes and giving them another life. I love that I can decide on the colors, designs, shapes and details.

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