DIY Christmas Gift Idea – Reindeer Beer And Wine Bottle Decor


We all have plenty of dinner parties to attend this holiday season! When you bring your wine or beer over to your friend’s house – make it memorable with this DIY beer and wine decoration idea by Little Steps Asia.

What Do You Need?

* Beer or wine bottles

* Sparkly pipe cleaners

* Red pom poms

* Googly eyes

* Hot glue gun


1. To make your antlers – take half of a pipe cleaner and twist it into a V shape around a full one

2. Twist and tie your two antlers around the bottle.

3. Glue on the googly eyes and red pom poms with your hot glue gun. Make sure to hold for a few seconds for the glue to dry.

4. Works on both wine & beer bottles!

5. Be the talk of the party when you arrive with these festive fancies! Makes for a cute gift idea too.

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