DIY- Cement Pot With Gloves/Cement Craft Ideas


For Cement craft ideas with balloons, and gloves,
Using simple materials with absolutely no skills,learn to make this beautiful pot or vase with absolutely no skilled required to achieve this look.

By your request I decided to do something nice using gloves.This is an incredible Diy that will light up your room/living area.Its a decorative Cement pot/ Flower vase which you can use to plant plants or for artificial flowers. I didn’t create a hole beneath but if you are placing natural plants in it,you will need to use a drill to create a hole for drainage.

White cement craft ideas with balloons,
Cement craft ideas with balloons
Cement craft ideas at home
Cement craft ideas with Gloves
Cement craft ideas easy at home
white Cement craft ideas

-White Cement
-Portland Cement
-2Bowels (big and small)
-Acrylic Color
-Spray paint
-Plastic soda bottle
-Polythene paper