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Subscribe by clicking here: http://bit.ly/1hfCXXE Don’t know what to get that special someone for the holidays? Make them a super cute Hot Cocoa Candle! This is a super easy DIY that anyone can do with supplies that are easily found around the house. These candles are also perfect for decorating your desk or room and smell great at the same time! Go to my blog at http://www.annlestyle.com for a material guide.

Crisco or any type of shortening(vegetable or animal) has less oxygen content then normal candle wax, you will need to use a thicker wick. If you use a standard crafting candle wick, you will have a tiny flame that seems like it’s going to die. I would recommend using two if not three wicks twisted together if using shortening as your base. This will pull more fuel up the wick and introduce more oxygen to the flame giving a stronger flame. Crisco is also an ideal survival candle as well! Did you know a can of the stuff with a thick candle wick can last up to 48 days of constant burning with no odor? True story. Also, stories of Crisco candles burning out of control? Don’t believe it, the flashpoint of Crisco is too high for a couple of candles to ignite. Can’t get Crisco? Look for hydrogenated vegetable oil or lard.

As for the fact about the unusual history of Crisco, you can learn more at:
“A hundred years ago, the company they founded had a problem. Procter & Gamble owned a bunch of cottonseed oil factories that produced oil for use in soap and candles. But with the invention of the light bulb, the candle business wasn’t looking so hot. What to do with all that extra oil?”

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