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DIY Anime Keychain – Anime Inspired DIY – Gift Idea for Anime Lovers | I Wear A Bow


Let’s make DIY anime keychain with this anime inspired DIY tutorial!

I made this DIY anime keychain with felt, again haha. But now without sewing method! NO SEW! Yeah!

It’s actually easy if you have known how to make template. I show you how I made the anime character template here. I hope you get the idea. If not, I’m sorry.. But it takes time with trial and error for me too at first. So I’m sure you can do it!

In this DIY anime keychain, I chose card captor sakura for the tutorial. I also made another anime character from aldnoah zero. His name is kaidzuka inaho. I made it for a friend of mine who likes the anime.

At first, I didn’t satisfied with the result of this DIY anime keychain. It’s not as I expected. But as the time goes, I grew to like it hehe. I hope you like it too. Please let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below~

I hope you like this DIY anime keychain and enjoy it!

Material list (open in new tab yo!):


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About this video:
I share tutorial of how to make DIY anime keychain with felt and no sewing method.





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