DIY 24K Gold Lip Balm!! Beautiful Summer DIY / Beauty Hack!


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The original idea for this came from Lisa (Cute Life Hacks DE, and we made the thumbnail after that video was done. This is why the lip balm was white in the german version. I had a bit more time to make this video in english so I decided to tint the balm to make it more similar to the thumbnail! I love working with gold leaf because it’s so fragile and beautiful to look at. It’s so delicate that you have to concentrate intensely and it almost feels like mindfulness meditation. When you’re applying gold leaf you literally can’t get distracted by anything else!

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24K Edible Gold Leaf (Amazon USA):,
24K Edible Gold Leaf (Amazon DE):
Lip Balm Pots:,
White PVA Glue:
Coconut Oil:
(Coconut oil is widely sold in supermarkets these days, check the cooking oil section!)
RAINBOW SPOON is from Zara Home:

♥ Thumbnail Photo Credits ♥
Make-Up Artist – Tamara H.
Model & Photographer – Lisa S.
Art & Post Production – Joanna Z.

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