Creative Rooftop garden design ideas


Creative Rooftop garden design ideas

Depletion of the land above ground level which can be used for making many people more creative to find ways to keep having children even though it has no land. Many variations of design ideas are used, ranging from vertical garden up to the roof garden. Not only tall building roof garden offices, or often called with rooftop garden also began venturing home. Many people are increasingly aware of the importance of green land for their home. For those of you who are interested in this concept, the following are some of the creative design ideas for a rooftop garden that you can use.

The concept of structuring plant, can use artificial pot of concrete placed along the outer side of the rooftop garden and are equipped with wooden fitted seating for hanging (01:05). Or it could be using a pot-a pot plant for a simpler treatment so as not to interfere with the construction of the roof (01:16). Another option is to use a plant vines that the path is directed to the wooden partition wall along the roof garden (01:32) or a hanging plant pot hung along the pergola (02:07).

For floor coverings, you can use either a wood so as not to be too dazzled if exposed to sunlight (00:23 & 01:46). Or just as a regular Garden, you can use the grass which varied with the trail of rocks (00:44). The variations of trail can also use wood and stone materials 900:48).

If you have a spacious rooftop deck area, other than used for grassy plant surrounded by plants, you can also add an outside dining area equipped with tables, chairs even a park bench (00:13 & 00:55). In addition, you can also add Rattan seating (00:27) or sofa (01:12) that can be used as a seating area outside room. Another facility is to add an indoor waterfall, modern equipped with garden light (01:52 & 02:00).