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Creating DIY Christmas Gifts With A Heat Press


Keep the Holidays warm this year with just your heat press! Today, we’ll be covering some profitable and unique out-of-the-box holiday gift ideas that you can create with just a heat press! We’re not talking t-shirts or hoodies here- we’re talking about non-apparel items that you can easily decorate and sell to your customers regardless of if you have an etsy shop, a physical storefront or just a facebook page! Just looking for some custom gift ideas? This is your video too!

With just your heat press and custom screen printed transfers or even HTV (heat transfer vinyl) you can create unforgettable gifts this year! You’ll find so many items you can easily print on; from custom makeup bags and clutches, to slippers, mittens, gloves, wine bottles, scarves, blankets, custom gift bags and so much more!

At Transfer Express, we make ordering customer transfers easy! Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, we have a catalog of over 20,000 customizable layouts, clipart and fonts that will make you a design pro- all for FREE!


For the majority of the items and gifts we showed off today we used our ultra-popular and affordable Goof Proof Screen Printed Transfers.
Learn More: https://www.transferexpress.com/heat-applied-transfers/screen-printed-transfers

We also showed off our trendy dimensional Puff Ink Screen Printed Transfers.
Learn More: https://www.transferexpress.com/heat-applied-transfers/puff-screen-printed-transfers

We hope this inspired you to create unique, customizable items you can print with just your heat press at home or in your workshop!

Want to learn more? Watch our full webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg5u_IRQ3lE

Get creative this holiday season and take your t-shirt business to the next level!


Just getting started with Transfer Express? Watch our whole easy-to-follow series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQaPcmMqnU1ZbRlDTb6yA7K7YtmpXzYYN

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Thanks for watching! At Transfer Express, we appreciate your dedication to learning. Helping your T-Shirt Business grow is our number one priority. From quality screen printed transfers to tons of helpful heat printing tips, inspiration and application education we’re always happy to help. Be sure to comment, like, and subscribe to our channel: https://bit.ly/TransferExpressSubscription

You can find more information on advancing or starting your own t-shirt business at: https://transferexpress.com/

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