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Corrugated Metal Fence with WOOD posts CHEAP fast EASY


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Corrugated Metal Fence with Wooden Posts
This is Craig for Capn America Projects. Thanks for joining us again. You might have seen one of our previous ideas, we showed you how to do a laminate fence. Now we are going to show you how to do a corrugated fence with wooden posts. So come along and join us in our adventure and we will put this fence up together. The first thing you want to do is run your strings when you are doing your fence. You want to make sure you have nice straight lines so what I did is I made a nice straight line from the corners of where the fence is going to go. That gives you a good idea of where to dig. Normally you would have the string several inches back before you dig. What I’ve done is made the string a couple of feet off the ground so that when I dig with my post hole digger I can line it up and dig it out as an angle and push the string back as I dig. The reason I’m doing it this way is that the neighbors have an old decayed fence and I don’t ant to mess with taking it out. That is not my fence so I’m going to put my fence as close to that as I can and basically just hide that fence and if they ever want to take that out then that is great. Then they can enjoy the nice fence that I’m going to be putting up. Where the strings meet there just straight down from there and that will be the first hole. Lets get it started. I got my hole done and unfortunately I ran in to water. This is not something you want to have. The water is about 16 inches down. I dug my hole almost two feet down and then filled up to about the 6 inch mark. If I had some gravel I would put some gravel in there. That way the post isn’t buried in water because that is definitely going to make the post rot quicker than I wanted to. I have eight foot poles. You want to go about two feet down and have 6 feet up because a typical residential fence is 6 feet tall. We have all of our posts cemented in. Lets have a look. If you notice on a couple of these I used some wood forms to help shape it in. That is because the ground was a little low here and I needed the cement to come above the ground a bit because I can only dig down so deep because of the water table. There you have our nice row of posts. Here is a quick tip. If you live in a cold wet climate then you want to wait longer for the cement to dry. Three days later. The next thing we are going to do is drill our holes in the metal and go ahead and mount the metal to the posts. Here we go. I like to drill my holes while the sheets are laying on the ground. I just put it on the grass and I can drill through easy instead of trying to drill while I’m putting them up. I’m going to go ahead and put my sheet in place and screw it in. What I’m using is these metal lave screws because they have a nice flat under part of the head that gives it alot of space to grip on to the other metal. The way I do it when I’m putting them in is I line up the two sheets of metal. Then I put in just the to[ screw on the next sheet I’m doing that way I can move it and level it. Then I come down to the next post and now since only the one screw is in then I can raise or lower this until I get it level. I’m judging level by the posts which are already level so you can eyeball it to make it in to a nice straight line and then screw it in. If you have soft wood you can start the screw by hand and then use the drill to finish it off. Then put in the rest of the screws. I have all of the bottom panels finished.Since we are at a wet climate I’m just going to put in the bottom sheets at first to wait longer to put more weight on the posts so that the cement can dry out a bit more. I will come back in about a week and put up the rest. I put the wood on the inside because I like to see the contrast of the wood against the metal. You can put the metal sheets on the inside if you prefer. A couple of weeks later. We now have all of the metal sheets on and you can see our whole fence here. I think it can out pretty nice. We have one more step we are going to do. This is a two man job so one person holds it at one end and the other person screws it in at the other. We did a little bit of overlap on all the metal about an inch to make it stronger. We have decided to put two by fours along the seams to make it look nice and also to make the fence stronger. I will pre drill the holes on the 2 x 4 . To do a good angle, you start going straight and then when you get in a little bit you angle it toward the final drill direction. I like to already start the screws before you put the board up so that they will be ll ready to go. Then I do the other side, same thing. Now we will screw in the 2 x 4. You need two people. One person holds one end and the other screws in the other end. We have the main structure of the fence done. Here you go, here is the final fence. Thanks for watching!