Christmas Gel Nail Art Two Tone Swirl


Suzie demonstrates an easy, yet stunning gel polish nail art design that can be tailored to any occasion. In this video, she uses the classic Christmas colors: red and white.

0:20 Nails already polished with White Gel Polish
0:20 Soak Pad with Alcohol
1:10 Paint half of nail white, half red
1:36 Drag dotting tool through the two colors
2:00 Give nail a flash cure with LED lamp
2:36 Paint the rest of the nails with swirl design and flash cure each nail
5:25 Fill in the sides of nail with polish
6:18 Final one minute cure with LED lamp
6:24 Finished design Reveal Photo’s
6:31 Can use polish, rather than gel, but it might be thick and take a long time to dry

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