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CHEAP Christmas Gift Ideas! Gift Guide For Him, Her, Boyfriend


Today’s video is cheap christmas gift ideas! This is a gift guide for him, her, your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family, and teachers. Because all these gifts are under $10, they are great for secret santa! This video features candles, lipbalm, gloves, chocolate, cards, and more! All the items are from Old Navy, David’s Tea, The Body Shop, and Claires. I originally planned to do 10 gifts under 10 dollars but as I was editing this video I realized it’s only 9 gifts. Opps haha! I filmed another 10 gifts under 10 dollars video so if you want more ideas that video will be linked down below. I’ve also done some DIY gift ideas, DIY christmas decoration, and DIY christmas treats if you want to watch more christmas videos! Love you guys! Thank you for your support xx

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