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How to make a Truck – How to make a Truck model at home easy.

This RC Truck has more special features than other self-made cars, because apart from running it can also lift the crate up or down the bin and spill the material itself. This is the car I just finished, this truck is made from carton, coca-cola cans with DC moto and some other stuff … I enjoyed it and happy to create it, hope all People like this car! This truck is really great and I can turn it into my school project. And I want to share this idea with all my subscribers and people around the world. I hope everyone likes it. Thanks for watching!.

1 – Ice-cream sticks
2 – Dc motor
3 – Battery (9V) & battery connector wire
4 – Power switch
5 – Coca-Cola cans
6 – Carton
7 – Wheels toy
8 – Aluminum rod
9 – Straws
10 – Plastic Pipe
11 – Hot glue gun
12 – Pen…

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