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Learn how to make Bread Pizza on Pan. Step by step complete cooking recipe of Instant Bread Pizza with out oven.


Bread … 3 Slices
Pizza Sauce … As Needed
Cheddar Cheese … As Needed
Onion (Diced) … As Needed
Capsicum (Diced) … As Needed
Tomato (Diced) … As Needed
Black Olives … As Needed
Mixed Herbs … About 1 Pinch/Slice
Butter … 1 Tsp


– Pre-Heat pan on medium heat.
– Toast bread slices from one side.-
– Apply Pizza Sauce on Bread Slice.
– Spread Cheddar Cheese
– Sprinkle a pinch of mixed herbs.
– Add onion, capsicum, tomato and black olives.
– Spread some more cheese
– Add toppings on remaining bread slices following above steps.
– Grease pan with butter.
– Put Slices into the Pre-heated pan.
– Cover pan with lid and cook on low flame until cheese melts.
– Serve Bread Pizza hot with tomato ketchup or Chilli Garlic Sauce

Easy To Follow Cooking Recipe

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