Best Valentines Gift: DIY Origami Lily


Do you want to make the PERFECT gift for your Valentine in 2021? This video will show you how to make a beautiful origami lily, and then using LEGO stop-motion will demonstrate:
-How to give an origami lily as a gift, as well as
-How NOT to give an origami lily as a gift on Valentines Day.

The second method is not entirely doomed, but if your date is at all unsure about if they’re actually interested in you, it may just be enought to scare them away! Think of Marshall singing songs to Lily (HIMYM)

Also, would you like to know how I made the tiny lego-sized origami lily? See the how-to video here:

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Camera: iPhone 12 pro: (since June 2021. Earlier videos were filmed with an iPhone 6 (Australian Amazon) (US Amazon)

iPhone mount: Ulanzi U-rig smartphone mount: (Australian Amazon) (US Amazon)

Tripod: (US amazon)

Microphone (this is almost the same microphone): (US Amazon)

Time codes:
0:00 Introduction
0:10 How to make an Origami Lily
8:50 DIY Valentines Day Gift
9:24 The BEST way to give an Origami Lily on Valentines Day
9:57 How NOT to give a gift to your Valentine