A Terrarium, Bottle Garden, or Wardian Case are all essentially the same thing in that each contains and supports a miniature ecosystem of plants. House Plants can be grown in a Terrarium, Bottle Garden, or Wardian CaseHistorically they were used to transport plants from their native countries to other countries where ordinarily they would not be able to survive in the new conditions. As time progressed they became more widely available to the public and this allowed house plants to be protectivly grown under glass or plastic even though they were surrounded by unfavorable conditions i.e. the Victorians could now grow ferns despite their homes being filled with poisonous fumes which would normally kill these types of plants.

Today because Bottle Gardens are easy to create and maintain, they are commonly used as a substitute garden in areas where there is little or no outdoor space, such as in apartments. Bottle Gardens are sometimes used in schools in order to study miniature ecosystem within a classroom. They are also used as a form of interior decoration with the containers often being as interesting as the plants grown within. Check Amazon for some inspiration –