Hey! – Yeah I’m still alive… UwU

If you want to use any of these Outfits, just credit me. OwO

And if someone else already has one of these outfits, I apologize deeply in advance, because then I probably just didn’t know.

Some Outfits in this video are from mine upcoming GLMM, which I’m working on lately. But it’s okay for you guys to use it of course!
I just wanted to bring them up on this video again, because I love them so much. xD

ANYWAYS – I only made this video, ’cause my channel was dead for a long while now… TwT

As I already mentioned, I’m still working on that Mini – Movie (which is *COUGH* probaly *COUGH* original UwU…).

And I’m really trying to finish this as fast as I can, but I’m lacking on motivation and sometimes I just don’t know how to continue… TwT

Oh! And did I mention my new Intro + Outro already? How is it?

Well, that’s it for today! I’m just gonna go and work on that Mini – Movie now…