Tasty food hacks to help your appetite

Hey fellow foodies. In this video I bring to you some tasty food ideas and recipes that will help you make the best out of your kitchen.
– If your cheese got too hard for staying too long in the fridge soak it in a bowl with milk for 15 minutes.
– You can make your own butter using milk and double cream. Shake it well until it becomes solid.
– I show you how to create a hydrating face mask for your skin using bread, milk and an egg yolk. Simply soak the break in the milk and mash it up. Then add the egg yolk, mix everything well and apply to your skin.
– I show you how to make cottage cheese using spoiled milk and vinegar.
– You can use a glass as a rolling pin when making dough.
– Watch until the end to discover some amazing foods you can try making in the microwave.

0:07 – Awesome hacks using milk
3:19 – Tasty chocolate present with M&MS.
4:16 – How to make a sausage roll
5:08 – Delicious yogurt pancakes
6:27 – How to make strawberry ice-cream
8:39 – Cool egg hack
11:45 – How to solve your problems in the kitchen
13:55 – How to make steak in the microwave
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