​​Brilliant lifehacks to learn right away

We all come face to face with little problems in our daily lives, and in this video, we wanted to show you some ways to fix your little problems by following our tutorials. We show you some cool clothing hacks as well as some everyday tricks to apply to your routine.

We show you some amazing ways to re-purpose tights into completely new clothing items. For example, if you have a pair of tight that is too small we show you how you can turn it into a beautiful backless blouse simply by cutting it a little bit.
– You can use tight to wash your silk clothes in order to prevent friction in the washing machine.
– You can prevent a tear in your tights from spreading by applying some clear nail polish to keep it in place.
– You can create a beautiful off-shoulder blouse just by cutting a pair of leggings and then cropping the legs of the leggings o to create the sleeves.

We all encounter little accidents in our daily life and in this video we delivered some of the most amazing and genius hacks out there.
– We show you how you can fix a deflating ball using egg whites.
– We show you how to move your wooden floor tiles back in place using tape.
– We also show you how you can fix a broken umbrella using a pen and some thread. Watch our video tutorial to see how you can do it step-by-step.

In addition to those hacks, we also some brilliant ways to use gloves in your everyday life as well! You can use this hacks in the kitchen, outdoors or on your baby.
– We show you how to help your baby fall asleep really fast by putting some rice in a glove and then putting it on it’s back.
– You can create your own touch screen glove by sewing some conductive thread on it.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing hacks that you can use in your everyday life and get inspiration to solve all your little problems.

0:38 – Awesome ways to re-use tights
2:33 – How to wake up with perfect hair
4:13 – How to fix anything
5:25 – Deflating ball hack
7:55 – Cool hacks with gloves
11:32 – Cool hacks for your kitchen
14:30 – DIY frothy milk
14:49 – Cool hacks with socks
17:59 – DIY teddy bear
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