Smart beauty hacks every girl should know

In this video, I am sharing with you some of the most fun and useful beauty hacks that will improve your makeup routine for the better. We also show you how you can take everything you need while traveling without over-packing.
– When you are about to run out of your favorite makeup products, don’t throw them out because in the video, we show you how to use the last drop of everything such as lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, moisturizer, and even fixative spray
– We also show you some amazing hacks while traveling. For example how you can make your own compact blush paper and how to make your own travel toothpaste drops.
– You can create your own soap dispenser using a balloon and a toothpaste container.
– If you are a beginner makeup artist, we show you how to achieve the best contouring that will compliment your face and how to perfect your winged liner using an eyelash applicator.

0:07 – Empty makeup hacks
3:33 – Cool travel hacks
5:56 – DIY soap dispenser
7:29 – Smart beauty hacks
10:43 – How to overline your lips
13:37 – How to add some volume to your hair

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