This video is full of clever kitchen tips that will ease your life and speed up your cooking routine. The good thing is that you don’t need to finish a culinary school to improve your cooking skills. Don’t forget to share these helpful ideas with your friends:
– Sometimes flipping pancakes could be a challenge and we share a life hack that will ease your life. Check out the tutorial on how to use a lid to flip a pancake
-Cover the grater with vegetable oil and cheese won’t stick to it
-Use a bottle neck to seal a plastic bag. Push the bag through the bottleneck, fold it over the edges and use a hairdryer to seal it
-Use sandpaper and drill to sharpen a knife
-If you need to defrost the meat very quickly, follow these steps: place meat in a tray and cover with salt and water. Defrosting will take only 30 minutes instead of 2-3 hours
-You can prepare coffee in orange. Check out this incredible idea!
– Do you like to eat baked chicken? I bet you haven’t known that you can cook a chicken in watermelon. Try this delicious recipe!
-Check out how to cook low-fat bacon using aluminum foil. Besides, you won’t need to clean baking tray from grease
-Watch the video till the end and you will find an easy recipe of oreo ice-cream
-Use apple cutter to quickly cut French fries at home. You will save a lot of time
-You can easily revive flat Champagne with a raisin
-You will find a lot of clever ideas on how to cut fruits and vegetables and save a lot of time
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00:43 How to seal a plastic bag
00:57 Use a drill to sharpen a knife
03:11 Orange coffee
03:28 Chicken baked in a watermelon
04:17 Oreo ice-cream
11:03 Homemade jam

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