Hey, guys! If you are getting prepared for vacations we prepared a cool video for you! All the lifehacks we share will help to make your vacation much more comfortable. We will help you to solve annoying problems. The first lifehack is incredible! Do you love to swim in the swimming pool? I think everybody loves to have fun in a pool with friends. I don’t like when the water is too cold and I know an easy way to heat the water. You will need several black trash bags. Cover the surface of a pool with bags and wait for an hour. Sun will heat the surface and water. Do you like temporary tattoos, we share a cool way to make a tattoo that you will totally love! You can make a comfy pillow to relax at the beach from pool noodles. We share an easy way to find a hole in your pool toy-inflate it and place under water. Look for bubbles leaking out of your pool toy. These bubble show where the hole is. Check out how to fix a hole.
You can easily turn your sarong into fancy beach dress that looks amazing! Check out the tutorial! Use cupcake liners to protect your drinks from insects and cover the glass with them. We prepared a DIY custom beach towel tutorial that is super easy. You can make your own design using a bleach. Cut letters from cardboard and spray the bleach. It’s a perfect personalization project for a birthday present, too. One of the worst parts of beach holidays is getting a sunburn. If it happened to you, freeze aloe vera gel.


00:12 Swimming pool hacks
00:43 Summer tattoo
02:37 Beach craft ideas
07:45 Aloe vera for sunburn
12:35 Customized towel