41 BRILLIANT FASHION TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW || Clothing Life Hacks And Upgrades



We know that you love clothing ideas that help you revamp your wardrobe and save a lot of money. We prepared top summer trends and the ways to make fancy and trendy items from old clothes. Check out a new collection of awesome ideas that will help you to look gorgeous. Besides, you will learn how to create a collection of cool outfits. Check out what to do it a t-shirt is too big, how to shorten your trousers, ho to tie a scarf. Turn your scarf into a cute bag in 5 minutes. Do you have old t-shirts you don’t need anymore? Give them a second chance and watch our video on how to make cool prints. Let’s start from prints you can create using a bleach. Print any picture you like and cut it out. Place a t-shirt on a flat surface. Place a print on the t-shirt and spray bleach over it. Remove the paper. Check out a cool idea on how to make illustrated tights that imitate tattoos. You will need old tights, a picture you like, permanent marker and Pringles can. Attach the picture to the Pringles can and put tights on. And copy the picture. I bet you will love this idea! If the sneaker’s sole is dirty, you can easily clean it using an eraser. If you have noticed that your favorite bag has scratched handles, we are ready to help you to solve this problem. Choose a scarf you like and knot the corner to the middle of the handle. Watch the tutorial on how to make beautiful braids. Turn old tights into a beautiful top that you can wear for a party.

00:09 Cool ways to wear t-shirts
01:51 DIY Bag
03:47 How to decorate a t-shirt
04:11 DIY Illustrated tights
08:53 DIY Fancy top

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