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40 + Ideas For Wood Burning (Project Ideas)


Today I have put together a video that gives ideas for wood burning. It was inspired by a comment which I received on another wood burning video.The comment was asking for some ideas of what to wood burn with a younger family member who was just getting into wood burning. So I compiled a list of a combination of burnings that I have done and burnings that I would like to do as well as wood burnings that I think would look cool. Either way, there is a mix of project ideas that will help you whether you’re an absolute beginner or a an expert pyrographer.

Some people call what we’re doing here wood burning, others call it pyrography. It really is up to you!

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How to wood Burn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsKPmqLLjF4&t=506s&list=PLNHjtCUp78HmTKSetd3LRx9wFIW3Qrz3s&index=1

How to make a wooden pipe (Basics) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_VHzZwpAOo&list=PLNHjtCUp78HlR_St6j8UuyE-d2vgWZnF1&index=4

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