Surviving tricks you should know

Being a life-threatening situation or an accident is very unexpected, yet most of us refuse to learn some surviving tips and tricks because we feel that getting familiar with these hacks will cause an accident. However, knowing some of the key surviving hacks that we offer can actually save someone’s life. So, in this video, we wanted to educate you and help you in any dangerous situation you might face in the future with these hacks that we compiled in our video.

What would you do if you ever slipped and had a painful cut on your knee? The obvious answer would be to put some rubbing alcohol on the wound to clean it, however, the best thing to do is to take some bandage, or a tampon and seal the wound in order to prevent any bacteria and dirt from entering your bloodstream until you get professional help.

If you are ever into a crowd and you accidentally fall, to avoid a stampede, immediately grab someone’s foot or pants and climb up.

In the event of an earthquake, don’t hide directly under a table, this can cause something heavy to fall in the middle of the table and either trap you or hurt you. It’s a lot safer to protect yourself under the side of the table where the table’s legs are more steady and will protect you.

If you are in a situation where a fire breaks out in a building, place a wet cloth in front of your nose and mouth to filter out the smoke. Instead of standing up trying to escape a smokey room, you should crawl under the smoke. Smoke naturally goes up, so usually, the lower parts of the room have less smoke.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant lifehacks for you. We show you how to some awesome life-saving clothing hacks, and ways to turn everyday objects into anything. For example how to turn a toothbrush into a cutting knife and how to make your own foundation using coffee and body lotion.
0:06 – Life-saving hacks in dangerous situations
0:58 – What to do during an earthquake
2:35 – Cute sleeveless shirt hack
3:13 – Blowdry your hair faster
3:53 – Remove pet hair from your shirt
5:19 – Candy hack
6:07 – Heatless beach waves
6:24 – DIY Foundation
6:50 – How to escape handcuffs
8:04 – Camping hacks
10:08 – How to unscrew a broken light bulb
11:13 – DIY bag cooler
12:13 – DIY candle

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