Sometimes people do weird things but they think that they are not alone! We collected a lot of funny scenes everyone can relate to. Everybody have strange habits like opening a fridge for the whole evening. Even if you know that food won’t magically appear. Let’s check once again to find something delicious 🙂 Do you have a favorite scene from film or cartoon? I do and my cat usually plays the role of Simba. What’s your favorite scene? Do you usually listen when somebody is talking on the phone near you? Yes, we all do 🙁 One more crazy thing we all do is singing in the douche. I usually have a whole concert full of my fans and applauds. Yes, I’m a superstar!
The next hilarious compilation is how it’s like to be a non-morning person. I can tell you about my experience and problems I face the whole my life. I can say that morning person are very lucky as I hate mornings so much. The problem is that my brain can’t work without a cup of coffee. My brain start to fully function only after 12 p.m. That’s why I hate early meetings at work. I usually set 5 or more alarms so as not to be late for work. Most of the time it doesn’t work as I hit snooze about a thousand times in the morning. Also, a lot of awkward moments happen to me in the morning: I may confuse toothpaste with face cream; I sleep on the road; I couldn’t find anything in the morning as I’m too sleepy.
Watch this video till the end and find a selection of awkward situations that could happen to your clumsy friend or with you! Sometimes it’s hard to understand whether a person is unlucky or clumsy. For example, when you spill coffee in a car and super cute guy looks at you, do you consider this situation as a bad luck? Share stories about your clumsy friends with us!

00:09 Life hacks for awkward moments
00:35 Weird things we all do
03:58 Are you a clumsy person?
05:40 Being a non-morning person


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