Check out a collection of ideas that will change your life. These ideas will help you to solve most of the annoying household problems:
-This idea is incredible: turn your hairdryer into a vacuum cleaner. I bet you haven’t known this cool
-You will love the idea of how to make a beautiful omelet that looks like a rose
-Use pastry bag if you want to decorate a dish or desserts
-We share a surprising way to use dental floss – use it to make cute egg decorations
-Check out the idea of the simplest phone holder for a car. All you need is a rubber band!
-We know a cool lifehack how to open a beer bottle using a drinking straw
-If you want to seal a bag but don’t have a binder clip, you can replace it with drinking straw. Take a
drinking straw and cut it lengthwise. Fold the top of the bag and slide the straw over the folded package
-Check out how to quickly curl your hair
-You can easily make chips at home using a toaster! Slice sweet potatoes and prepare
chips in the toaster
-Check out an easy tutorial! You can clean dishes using orange peels. The reason is that orange peels contain natural oils and juices that easily combat with grease. Moreover,
peels eliminate odors
-It sounds unreal but you can easily clean metal surfaces or jewelry using lipstick
-Reuse pringles cans and use them to store pasta.
Did you know that coffee is good for your skin? You can make an inexpensive scrub for your skin from ground coffee. Coffee exfoliates your skin perfectly and gently removes dead skin cells.

00:09 Cool household tips
03:25 Quick way to curl your hair
08:46 Sweet potato chips
12:10 Coffee scrub

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