36 FUNNY FOOD LIFE HACKS AND PRANKS || Easy Recipes, Cooking Tips And Kitchen Hacks



Check out a collection of yummy ideas you should try to cook at home! Moreover, we share a brilliant life hacks that will change your life: -You can prepare banana pops with caramel that is a very quick and super-delicious dessert for kids and adults -You can slice bananas before they are peeled. You will need a needle. Watch the tutorial! -If you suffer from insomnia, try to prepare a tea that will help you to fall asleep quickly. Slice bananas, place then in a glass, add cinnamon sticks and cover with water. Wait for 10 minutes and drink -It sounds crazy but you can use banana peel to wash markers away from the furniture -One more cool trick is to use banana peels for dry heels. Check out the tutorial -You will be surprised but if you are out of eggs and need to prepare cupcake, replace them with a banana puree -We know a perfect scrub for dry skin: mash bananas, add some coconut oil and brown sugar -The next trick is really helpful: avocados will ripen faster if stored with bananas -You can cut a watermelon using a coin. Check out the tutorial if you don’t believe us -Check out an amazing idea on how to make a watermelon juice and serve it in a very cool way! -We share a lot of easy ways to cut and serve watermelon for a party -The next collection of recipes will help you make giant versions of your favorite snacks and desserts! You will learn how to cook a giant burger, giant french fries, and oreo cake. To make giant French fries you will need to boil potatoes and prepare mashed potatoes. Take a baking tray, spread evenly mashed potatoes and bake. Cut it into strips and fry. Ready!

00:09 Banana pops
00:31 Surprising banana life hacks
01:23 Insomnia?
03:28 Banana scrub for dry skin
04:45 Prepare for a watermelon party
09:07 Giant food ideas

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