Check out a collection of beauty recipes that you can make using natural ingredients. Moreover, there are a lot of tips that will help to ease your life. Watch this video to find these brilliant tutorials:
-Try a perfect recipe to whiten your teeth: mash strawberries, add baking soda and stir properly. Clean your teeth with this mixture and you will love the results
-You can easily create perfect eyebrow contour using a toothpick. Yes, this is the easiest
-Do not buy matte nail polish, you can easily create this effect at home. Cover nails with your favorite nail polish. And place fingers over a boiling pot. But be careful as it could be
very hot
-We share a brilliant makeup hack that will help to master perfect smokey eyes using a
-Check out this cool recipe to look fresh in the morning – make patches from aluminum foil and freeze. Apply aloe vera gel under your eyes and cover with patches
-If you want to look fabulous at the beach and get rid of the cellulite, try to make this inexpensive body scrub that works perfectly. In a bowl, mix coffee and honey. Massage your legs using this scrub. Repeat for several days
-Do you know how to prevent overhanging toes in open toed shoes? Even is your sandals look incredible, this problem may spoil the whole look. Watch the video and find
how to solve this problem using a hot glue gun
-Try this perfect recipe for dark armpits. Cut a lemon in half and cover with sugar.
Exfoliate armpits and you will love the result
-You can make deodorant from natural ingredients. In a bowl, mix olive oil, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera gel, and baking soda. Warm up, pour into an empty container and refrigerate.

00:09 How to whiten your teeth
01:05 Matte nail polish
01:38 Lemon for dandruff
02:06 Homemade patches
06:28 Body scrub for cellulite

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