35 Hair Style Ideas!


My hair was mad at me for like a week after this. This video is me in the same makeup and shirt attempting to wear 35 different hair styles (well, 34, one was a bonus :). I was inspired by Stephanie Saltzman’s article in Allure, 34 Hair Ideas for 2014, to try out all of these unique hairstyles and see how they look!

Article Mentioned: http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2014/best-hairstyles-for-2014#slide=25

Thanks so much to DJ Grumble for keeping this video moving smoothly with his awesome jams!
To buy the songs you heard in this video as well as a few extras go here: http://grumble.bandcamp.com/album/freestyle-tools-1-5-outtakes
Or if you just want to listen through his playlist you can check him out here:

Big thanks to Tyler for always making my hair look rad. Also to Terry for his take on Taylor Swift curls 😛

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This video is not sponsored or affiliated in any way… I just thought it’d be fun to do! This is not a tutorial, more of a look book =]