Hey, girls! We prepared a new collection of cool ideas that will help you to speed up beauty routine and you will look flawless in minutes:
-We know a perfect treatment for dark circles. Freeze a spoon and apply it on your dark circles. You will love
the result
-You will love the idea of a quick hairstyle you can make literally in a minute. Check out the tutorial
-If you want to try a new nail art design, we are ready to help. Watch the fideo to find a super-easy tutorial
-Make sugaring paste a home that will cost you a penny. Take a pan and pour some distilled water, add brown sugar, honey, fresh lemon juice. Boil for several minutes, let cool and use
-If the foundation is too dark, you can easily solve this problem. All you need is to add some moisturizing
Cream and find the right tone
-If your shadows are too old and dry, add some face oil to it
-Mix lipstick leftovers with eyeshadows and vaseline to create a lip balm with new color
-If your favorite suede heels have some marks turn them into a very stylish item
-If you are preparing for a party you can make a body glow at home and your skin will look flawless. You
will need body oil and highlighter
-Check out crazy ways to curl your hair using a plastic bottle or a plastic cup. Take an empty plastic bottle, cut a hole on the side of the water bottle and cut off the top of the bottle. Put a section of her long hair in an empty plastic water bottle and blow hair dryer around the hole. You don’t need innovative hair tools now
-Watch the tutorial on how to choose the right tone of a foundation

00:18 Effective treatment for dark circles
00:54 Easy nail art idea
01:33 Homemade sugaring paste
04:22 DIY Body glow
05:03 How to curl your hair


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