Today we share a video that is full of surprising soap life hacks that will change your life! I bet you didn’t know that you can unclog a sink using a liquid soap or make beautiful soap roses that will look amazing in your bathroom. One of the most embarrassing moments is when you have guests and kitchen sink is clogged and full of dirty water. Of course, you can use harsh chemicals to solve this problem but we know a recipe that won’t damage your health. Here is a non-toxic recipe: in a jar combine dish soap, multi-purpose soap, and baking powder. Stir properly and pour into the sink. Wait a bit and enjoy the result. Nail become very dirty after working in the garden but we know what to do with this problem. Take a bar of soap and rub soap under and around your nails. The soil won’t get under your nails and they will be perfectly clean. If you have broken glass, use a soap bar to collect shards of broken glass. All you need to do is to rub a wet soap bar where the glass was broken. Check out an easy way to make lavender soap in our video.
Another collection of ideas is dedicated to soap making. It’s a very satisfying process and a perfect hobby idea that is not only very entertaining but also you can make useful gifts for all your family. Besides, it’s a very cheap kind of hobby and all the supplies you can buy in craft stores or even find at home. You will learn how to make soap using such ordinary things as plastic cups, cupcake silicone molds, bubble wrap, toys, and ice-cream mold. Check out an easy tutorial on how to create crystal soap that looks amazing!

00:09 Surprising uses of a soap bar
01:11 DIY lavender soap
02:26 DIY soap roses
05:54 Soap making tutorials

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