Did you know that you can make various crafts from cardboard? Don’t throw away cardboard boxes as we share a super cool collection of DIY projects you can make from them. Be crafty and use your imagination to create awesome organizers beauty products, for notebooks, for different small items around your home! Turn a shoe box into the organizer for beauty products. Take a shoe box and glue wrapping paper of the color you like. Besides, you will learn how to make a tissue dispenser. Reuse an old iPhone box into a charging station.
Knot pillow is one of the coolest home décor trends and we will show you how to make it by yourself. You don’t need to spend tons of money on it just take two blankets, roll them and tie in a beautiful knot. Voila!
Decorate your boring t-shirt using a hot glue stick. Cut a stick in small circles and place on a t-shirt. Let’s make a heart. Cover the heart with parchment paper and iron for a couple of seconds to let the glue melt. Remove the paper and sprinkle glitter. Ready!
We will show you how to transfer pictures on fabric! Make a cool personalized pillow! Make a picture of your friend, print it and watch our easy step by step tutorial! Moreover, you can easily transform pictures on candles. Print a picture you like on a tissue paper. Put a picture on a candle and cover with wax paper. Slowly heat the print with a hair drier until the wax paper starts melting. Remove the wax paper. Ready!
Watch our video till the end and find cool paper crafts to decorate your house!
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00:09 How to print a picture on a pillow
05:48 Cool DIY greeting card
09:42 Crafts from casting resin
03:08 Cardboard crafts
07:19 DIY donut pillow

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