Do not throw away your old clothes as it’s so easy to create something new and save a ton of money. Moreover, recycling is a way to save nature. Besides, we prepared top summer trends and the ways to make fancy and trendy items from old clothes. Check out a new collection of awesome ideas that will help you to look gorgeous:
-We share a cool idea on how to make illustrated tights that imitate tattoos. You will need old tights, a picture you like, permanent marker and Pringles can. Attach the picture to the Pringles can and put tights on. And copy the picture
-You can easily turn a scarf into a fancy cardigan
-Decorate a t-shirt using a bleach. Print any picture you like and cut it out. Place a t-shirt on a flat surface. Place a print on the t-shirt and spray bleach over it. Remove the paper
-Clean the sole of sneakers using an eraser
-Scratched bag handle is not a problem anymore and we know how to solve this problem using a scarf. Choose a scarf you like and knot the corner to the middle of the handle. Watch the tutorial on how to make beautiful braids
-Turn old tights into a beautiful top
-Borrow an old and long hoodie from your boyfriend and cut it! No, it’s not a joke! You will learn how to turn a hoodie into a cool sports costume with a crop top and a skirt. Grab your scissors and chop-chop!
-Denim skirts are trending this summer. Transform your old jeans into a denim skirt with our easy step by step tutorial
-If you need a fancy top, watch the tutorial on how to turn your old cardigan into a cute top

00:09 DIY Illustrated tights
01:15 How to decorate a t-shirt
03:12 How to fix scratched bag handle
04:14 DIY Fancy top
06:00 Denim skirt

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