Hello, everyone! In this tutorial video for kids, you will find a lot of cool ideas for kids that are very easy to repeat. Believe me, they will bring you a lot of joy and save your budget!

There are many new and cool cardboard DIYs in this video for children. You can make so many useful things using cardboard. For example, you can make a shoe rack out of cardboard and paper rolls, so that your shoes will always be in order. You can also make a laptop table out of a pizza box. Using a long sheet of cardboard, you can make a space-saving bed.

Watch this video up to the end for some crazy cool dino crafts for kids! You can make a yarn painting, DIY soap, and even some decor elements!


01:37 – A house made of cardboard
02:58 – Shoe stand
06:20 – DIY snow globe
09:52 – Dino crafts

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